I didn’t know what to expect from Play Fare considering it was a new expo, overall I think it was good. We got a chance to see what other local game developers were up to and sit down and play Crypto Crisis with some people.

Our banner was a little overkill, the beer was tasty and life would’ve been a little easier if one of us had a gaming laptop. I can’t imagine dragging a desktop and backpack on the train during Madi Gras would’ve been very fun, at least I had the easy job of carrying a monitor.

Hopefully this will be the first of many expos for us, let’s see if Play Fare returns next year!

Extending the Runway

It’s not all just fun and games (haha), especially in the beginning. I’m not sure when we’re going to turn a profit or earn enough to sustain full time development of our games. I guess that it could take a while so sometimes we might have to split our attention between making games and earning money.

Thanks to Stefan we managed to score a short to medium term contract. We traded off 50% of our attention for the ability to pay back our loans (therefore making us solvent) and having a little extra to spend on the business and the development of our next game.

This isn’t uncommon for younger studios, in fact, last year at Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) we even attended a talk on earning money on the side and how to negotiate contracts for your studio.

Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.