Sometimes when you don’t want to do something, you can be stubborn about it even if deep down inside you KNOW you have to do it.

Since the very beginning of Armoured Beans Stefan and I knew that we were severely lacking in an area crucial to the success of all businesses, BD (Business Development).

Neither of us had any experience in things like marketing or building relationships. Neither of us wanted to commit full time to do any of those things either, it’s not what we like doing.

We still knew we had to do it so we dabbled here and there but never got any traction. We always went back to building games.

It wasn’t until I realised that if one of us doesn’t start doing BD full time, we’re going to die. I picked up my stubborn inner child by the collar, dragged him kicking and screaming and decided to commit to doing BD full time; that was roughly 2 weeks ago.

I’d like to say to everyone who directly or indirectly told us we need to do this immediately that yes, you were right.

Within the last two weeks I’ve begun to realise how neglected BD was. We failed to see this because we were both down in the trenches, just popping our heads up every now and then to check whats up.

  • What are Armoured Beans’ strengths? Don’t know.
  • What is the Armoured Beans brand? What is our image? Don’t know.
  • Our next game, why would people want to play it? Don’t know.
  • What are the key selling points of our next game? Don’t know.
  • How do we market our next game? Don’t know.
  • Who can help us market our next game or steer us in the right direction? Don’t know anyone.
  • Where are we going to get fresh testers for our next game? Don’t know.
  • What’s the plan to build a community around us and our next game? Don’t have one.
  • How are we going to earn money to stay afloat? Sell games, get investors. How? Don’t really know.

I’ve been working on answering all those questions. I think I’m finally beginning to figure out what we need to do and oh man, there is SO MUCH TO DO!

Stay tuned as Armoured Beans goes through a little bit of a change.

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