I’ll like to start off by saying I’m no marketing expert; I haven’t studied it, I don’t research it and I haven’t worked in any job closely related to it.

All of my marketing knowledge comes from observation and listening to the experience of others in the gaming industry.

Anyways, on with it.

Traditional marketing is indirect and impersonal. This makes it hard to create an emotional response and that sells products and services.

Times have changed. The introduction of streaming and social media platforms has added a new dimension to marketing by reducing the barrier between sales person and customer.

Ordinary people turn into influencers by putting their personality out there as entertainment. As they begin to get more entertaining, they start to attract more viewers.

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube allow viewers to interact directly with the influencer. This allows personal connections to be formed which can lead to viewers turning into fans. This is one of the key distinctions that sets this apart from traditional marketing.

Having this direct connection with their audience means an influencer doesn’t need to directly sell a game but instead just play it, enjoy it and talk about it.

Another huge advantage is the natural filtering of market segments. Most influencers will have a certain style and will stick to certain genres of game, this means the viewers they attract will have a lot in common.

This down to earth approach combined with the natural filtering of market segments can lead to staggering selling power.

Influencers can be such successful sales people that it can become a lucrative full time job with a reach in the tens of millions of people.

If you are a small studio, a popular influencer picking up your game will be your big break. So how do you attract popular influencers with celebrity like status?

More on that next time.