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#23 Gaming Trends

Just like any other entertainment medium, there are trends in games. There are a few different types of trends from themes to player input (think WSAD) but today I'd like to talk specifically about genres (or game mechanics). Probably the biggest and most notable...

#22 What’s an alpha test?

There's been a lot of talk over here about alpha testing lately. I got asked what an alpha test was so I thought it would be a good idea to write down what we define an alpha test to be and what we're looking to get out of it. What is an alpha test? A private round of...

#21 Busy, busy, busy – Quick update

I had a few things I wanted to write about today, especially since we just got back from GCAP19. Yes, there is a "but" coming... We have a milestone to meet, we need to have an alpha build of our next game ready by November so we can start alpha testing. Build time,...

#20 Innovation. iPhones and Soggy Meat Pies.

What the hell does a soggy meat pie have in common with an iPhone 11? Let's imagine a fictional scenario where two oven manufacturers are competing in a market. They both make ovens; good ovens. Every year they announce their new oven in an attempt to stay relevant...

#19 Equal Opportunity

What is equal opportunity? Equal opportunity is giving everyone the same position at the starting line. It has nothing to do with who finishes the race and in what order. Let's talk about the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). They have recently made a change to...

#18 How to become a Bad Developer

So you've decided you want to be a bad developer, or perhaps you're a good developer and you're just sick of making things easier on yourself and being praised by your co-workers. You've come to the right place, I have a few tips to help you flush your career down the...

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