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Powering the next generation of real-time, mass multiplayer games.

Practically Infinite World Size

The theoretical maximum world size is roughly 9.2×1018 meters2, that is 18,000x the surface area of earth!

Flexible and Moddable

Using C++ for engine code and Javascript for game code, the strengths of both technologies can be leveraged. Performant and optimised code as the foundation so the most performance can be squeezed out of every server while allowing developers and designers to quickly and easily tune the experience for their particular game.

Client Agnostic

Fractal comprises of a server side application paired with a client side library. It can easily be used with existing popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

Mass Multiplayer

Fit an entire player base into a single instance of a game. The number of players is only limited by density within a section of the play area.

No Loading Screens

Players will be able to explore the entire world without seeing any loading screens. Server connections are handled seamlessly in the background.

No Server Maintenance Downtime & Live Updates

Servers can be rotated in and out of play in real time without interruption. This means there never has to be downtime for server maintenance or minor backend updates such as bug fixes.

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The Armoured Beans Blog 

#27 That time we tried to create a YouTuber

Our most expensive marketing attempt so far was this one time we tried to create a YouTuber. It wasn't a success but we definitely learnt a lot from it. Let's rewind a bit and start with why we thought we should give it a go: We noticed that a lot of indie games got...

#26 Business Development

Sometimes when you don't want to do something, you can be stubborn about it even if deep down inside you KNOW you have to do it. Since the very beginning of Armoured Beans Stefan and I knew that we were severely lacking in an area crucial to the success of all...

#25 Game Balance and Level Design: Making It Fun

I have a problem when it comes to game balance and level design, I always end up making it too hard to beat. There were a few early comments on Crypto Crisis regarding how hard it was, some were even asking if the game was beatable. During the development of our next...

#24 Alpha Test: Round 1, round 2 complete!

What an intense couple of weeks it has been. For the last 2 Fridays we've held in-person alpha tests. They were basically mini LAN parties except we had to provide everything and work through them. Despite it being work, I really enjoyed myself. I got a real kick out...

#23 Gaming Trends

Just like any other entertainment medium, there are trends in games. There are a few different types of trends from themes to player input (think WSAD) but today I'd like to talk specifically about genres (or game mechanics). Probably the biggest and most notable...

#22 What’s an alpha test?

There's been a lot of talk over here about alpha testing lately. I got asked what an alpha test was so I thought it would be a good idea to write down what we define an alpha test to be and what we're looking to get out of it. What is an alpha test? A private round of...

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